A Billion Dollar Industry

A Huge and Diverse Industry

The auto care industry is committed to protecting the choice, safety and mobility of every driver out there – including you. And we’re constantly looking for talented and energetic individuals like you to join our team on this mission.

Whatever your skills or background, the incredible diversity of the auto care industry means there is likely a job for you. Our coast-to-coast network of independent manufacturers, marketers, distributors, repair shops and retailers all work together to make sure drivers can choose for themselves where to go for car care. No matter their role in the industry, every employee knows that our businesses’ parts and service will last longer and perform better.


All Kinds of Jobs
From the shop floor to the corporate office, careers in the auto care industry offer competitive salaries and opportunities to hone and grow your skills. Whether you work in engineering, sales, marketing, IT or communications, there’s a place for you at one of the 500,000 businesses that make up our constantly changing, fast-paced industry and work towards one goal: ensuring drivers everywhere can count on their vehicles to get to work, travel the country and live their lives as they choose – safely and securely.

Technology is Key
Today’s cars and trucks are rolling computer networks with embedded computers running all types of applications that manage operating and accessory functions. It takes a global community to design, develop, manufacture and support the necessary functions of the industry to keep today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles performing well and keeping drivers safe. If you love technology, you’ll love the auto care industry.


Growth & Advancement
It is an industry where you can work your way up through the ranks, whether within one company or one industry segment, or crossing over to other types of companies or industry segments. There are many avenues for career growth, a solid career path, and advancement, depending on your interest and abilities. The entrepreneurial spirit is appreciated and rewarded. Many of today’s industry executives and leaders started as drivers, counter staff, or other entry level employees and worked their way to the top.

Networking & Learning
The industry has hundreds of organizations, events and training opportunities that enable auto care professionals to meet, share and learn about each other and industry stakeholder companies that lead the industry. These opportunities enable professionals, as well as their companies, to become leaders in the industry, too.

Networking AAPEX

Understanding Worker Needs
Auto care industry employers understand the needs of today’s employees to balance work and family, to be flexible with schedules and work locations and to share your new ideas. You can work independently or in teams. Your work will be appreciated and valued, earning the respect you deserve.


Join Us
The Auto Care Industry is ready and waiting. The industry is a trade and a profession, needing employees of all backgrounds and experience. If you are eager to join an industry of manufacturers, distributors, parts stores, repair shops and business services dedicated to providing quality, convenience and choices for the motoring public and providing you with a career you’ll love, check out the types of jobs we have available here.