Recruitment Guide

Welcome to the Auto Care Careers Recruitment Guide! This guide provides information and resources developed by the Auto Care Association to help you revamp and turbocharge your recruitment efforts to meet the needs of today’s job seekers and workforce.

We created this guide because we know the auto care industry is constantly changing. And as the world evolves, so too does our workforce. Employees who have been in the industry for decades are in the process of retiring, and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain top talent. With a changing landscape of job seekers, it can be challenging to reach potential new applicants, especially those from the tech-savvy Millennial generation. To help address this issue, the Auto Care Association’s new Job and Career Development Program created this resource for you. In this guide, you will find how-to’s and examples for everything from messaging to digital recruitment tactics.

Some of the things you will learn about are:

  • How to describe your company’s work using language that resonates with Millennials
  • How to undertake robust social recruiting strategies to attract top-quality job candidates
  • How to recruit recent college graduates
  • How to recruit military veterans
  • How to strengthen your employee retention efforts

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