The auto care industry is an exciting, fast-paced field that offers challenging work, fulfilling careers, and a commitment to protecting the choice, safety, and mobility of every driver on America’s roads.

Our values are your values. We represent choice: because drivers should be free to decide for themselves where to go for car care. We represent safety: working relentlessly to provide parts and service designed to last longer, perform better, and keep everyone on the road safe and secure. And we represent independence: giving everyone the ability to get to work, travel the country and live their lives as they choose.

Where do you fit in? Just about anywhere.  The 500,000 businesses in our industry form a coast-to-coast network of manufacturers, distributors, repair shops, marketers, retailers and more.   We are small businesses and Fortune 500 companies and we offer every conceivable job; from white collar to blue collar, executive suite to service bay.  We have thousands positions available today in marketing, finance, legal, H.R., information technology, logistics, sales, international trade, facility management and hundreds of other career specialties.

The auto care industry is constantly looking for talented and energetic individuals to join our team.  Our door is wide open to military veterans because veterans are already a huge part of who we are.  Veterans of all branches occupy thousands of industry positions across our nation.  Many company owners are themselves military veterans with personal knowledge of the advantages veterans can bring to an organization.

We know you have proven your commitment, drive, leadership and skill through your service, and we want you to come join us in building a more independent future for drivers everywhere.

Create an account our on new industry job board. You have the option to indicate your military veteran status. Our companies are looking for qualified leaders like you!


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