Auto Care Career Internship Program

Interns Help Your Organization

Auto Care industry businesses can receive wonderful benefits in terms of recruiting top talent that is both eager and interested in learning more about their field of interest. Not only can interns increase your organization’s productivity but also help you find your next new employee.

What is the Role of the Intern

A learning component should be the intention of this temporary position. Internships are very different than a part time job in which tasks may only include ordinary, mundane work. Interns expect their employer to teach them new skills and expand their knowledge of a particular field. Students expect to take what they have learned in the academic classroom and apply this knowledge on-the-job. The experience that the student receives at your organization will greatly affect whether he or she will pursue a career in your industry. If a student has an excellent experience, he or she will share amongst their peers and you may find even more exceptional candidates the next time.

How Can My Organization Offer an Internship?

Starting an internship program from scratch may seem a bit daunting, but like any new business venture, putting a plan in place is your first step to success. There are several excellent resources available on the web that can help guide you through the process of structuring a program that provides satisfactory results for both your company and the intern.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has published a best practices list for setting up an internship program. Visit 15 Best Practices for Internship Programs to access the article.

After your program is designed, start dates are determined, compensation is decided and a job description is written, it is time to begin promoting your opportunity to students.

When and Where to Recruit?

The earlier in the school year that you post the internship opportunity, the better chance you are at finding suitable candidates. Common practice is for universities and colleges to hold a career fair during the first semester of the year. Students typically start the process of determining where they would like to intern as early as winter break with the majority of offer letters sent out and accepted by mid-spring.

Recommended actions include:

Auto Care Careers Internship Program

It’s important to be aware that not all students can afford to take internships that pay low or no wages. Some students are limited by the cost of travel, others by the cost of housing. Because of this, the Auto Care Association offers several scholarships for college students who want a career in the auto care industry. Industry scholarships are managed through the Auto Care Association.