Professional Development

The Auto Care industry is only as strong as the professionals who keep it moving. The auto care industry is always changing, which is why we offer so many opportunities for professional development—including AAPEX, the industry’s annual trade show, the Young Auto Care Network Group and publications that deliver the latest industry news and insights.



The Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) provides young auto care professionals in their twenties and thirties the opportunity to network with industry peers, enhance knowledge and improve leadership capabilities.

YANG helps young professionals establish a circle of peers to grow with alongside their careers. YANG participants are future executive-level staffers of the auto care industry that see the value in establishing connections with other young professionals that will one day be business owners and key decision makers. Events of YANG include functions featuring industry leaders, insightful information, workshops with guest speakers and networking events – all of which aim to build networks, professional development and career development.

YANG Leadership Conference

The YANG Leadership Conference 2017 is a collaborative learning event designed for young professionals under the age of 40 in the industry. The conference provides a forum to enhance leadership skills, sharpen global perspective of the Auto Care Industry and develop new relationships with peers.  YANG’s program is a stepping stone between the basic educational conferences offered in the industry such as the University of the Aftermarket’s Aftermarket 101 and the more intense, Leadership 2.0 executive program.  The YANG Leadership Conference takes place in conjunction to the Auto Care Association’s Spring Leadership Days to provide attendees the opportunity to participate and learn from Auto Care Association’s volunteer executive committee meetings.

Conference Dates:
Friday, May 11 – Saturday, May 12, 2018
Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Georgia
265 Peachtree Center Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

How to Register: 
Online registration for the YANG Leadership Conference is now OPEN. Must be under the age of 40 to attend.


Do your homework
  • The auto care industry is a diverse environment with many segments and career opportunities.
  • Find out what you like doing and which companies offer that opportunity.
  • Research the career options and areas of interest.
  • Reach out to people involved in the industry to identify what opportunities exist.
Meet the professionals
  • Read, study and meet people in the industry to ask them about their perspective of the current and future auto care industry.
  • People love to talk about what they do and where they work, and are often open to informational interviews and sharing their expertise.
  • Get to know your instructors and advisors. They have knowledge and information to help you through your program and in your job search.
  • Get involved in professional associations in your field such as the Society for Automotive Engineers
Get social
  • Networking is key. Go to mixers, join professional associations, go to meetings and don’t be afraid to meet other industry professionals.
  • Join “young professional” network groups or car clubs, check out the Auto Care Association’s Young Auto Care Networking Group (YANG)
  • Attend auto care sponsored events to network with others involved in the industry. Check out SkillsUSA and the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX).
  • Consider following industry social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Keep your social media profiles up to date and professional.
  • Follow Auto Care Careers on Facebook and Twitter
Go the extra mile
  • Volunteer your time at industry events and get your name out there.
  • Work part time in an auto-related job to gain applicable experience.
  • Courses in high school or a technical college can offer invaluable experience.
  • Internship programs are also a great way to experience what a job requires as well as to learn about different companies’ philosophies.
  • See what classes a community college is offering in the area you are pursuing. From human resources to information technology, all areas will serve you well in the auto care industry.


You have many possible avenues if you want to further your education in the auto care industry. Check out the options below to see what’s available to you.

Auto care industry program
  • University of the Aftermarket
  • The University of the Aftermarket offers general auto care continuing education with courses in management, business, leadership education and development needs tailored specifically to the auto care industry. Learn more about the program.
  • Looking for a 4 year degree specific to the auto care industry?
  • Northwood University offers a for 4-year degree specific to the auto care industry (also referred to as the automotive aftermarket).
  • Aftermarket Management
Automotive technology
  • There are automotive technology schools located all over North America, and many universities and community colleges have automotive technology programs as well.  Check out your area of interest for an automotive technology school or program.
  • National Automotive Foundation for Service Excellence (NATEF)
    The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) accredits automotive technician training programs nationwide to ensure that students get the best quality of training and development possible. Learn more about the NATEF-accredited schools.
College degrees

The auto care industry is seeking individuals who have degrees in business, marketing, communications, engineering, finance, government, politics and more. If you are considering one of these fields for your career, check out the auto care industry for available positions.